E. coli Reference Center at PSU


The E. coli Reference Center (ECRC) at PSU provides timely and accurate diagnosis of pathogenic E. coli. ECRC characterizes E. coli strains by testing for the presence of twenty five different genes associated with virulence attributes by PCR.  It also provides services for O and H serotyping.  The relatedness between strains is routinely performed using ERIC-PCR and PFGE analysis.  Surveillance studies have been also carried out at the Center. ECRC is one of the largest repository of E. coli strains isolated from different host sp.  History, geographic location and other characteristics of the strains are logged in the access database program and the isolates can be retrieved easily based on the specific characteristics required by the researcher.  ECRC also performs custom diagnostics, please call 814-863-2167 and visit our website;