Professional Development Awards

Awards in the amount of $250 are available for CMIID graduate trainees to assist them in paying for registration fees.

The goal of this program is to help students form and develop professional development plans. Trainees (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) may apply for up to $250 to cover registration fees at professional meetings in the areas of immunology and infectious diseases. Trainees should be from labs in which the PI is active in CMIID activities, and/or the trainee should be active in the CMIID trainee group as an individual.

Application requirements

    1. Graduate students: identify your graduate program, year and mentor. Postdoctoral fellows: identify your mentor and the number of years you have been a postdoctoral fellow.
    2. Submission and eventual acceptance of an abstract to attend a professional meeting. Please submit the abstract, title, meeting dates, and location. If awarded, evidence of abstract acceptance will be required prior to payment.
    3. A note from the student's mentor directly to the CMIID director (see contact information below) acknowledging the trainee status of their advisee, and the mentor's support for the trainee attending the identified meeting.
    4. Submission of a one-page training plan that describes what types of opportunities the meeting provides for professional development. In other words, why will attending this meeting help the student in his/her future plans? For more junior students, this might be training, writing, or research expertise development. For more senior trainees it may be to investigate postdoctoral positions, faculty positions, industry jobs, etc. Example training plan.

Application deadlines are rolling.

Submission via email

Applications and questions should be submitted to the CMIID director Margherita Cantorna via e-mail at