We perform various testing to classify E. coli samples. Our repository of E. coli strains holds over 70,000 strains collected over the last 50 years from animals, humans, birds and environment. This collection can be utilized for epidemiological studies, antimicrobial resistance over the years, relatedness between strains and for molecular tracking.

We perform O and H typing for classifying E. coli for pathogenicity

Determine the presence of 25 virulence genes in E. coli to determine what type of pathogenic strains they are.

We have been involved in monitoring E. coli in petting zoo animals, in water, in fruits and vegetables, in meat.

We can track the source and find relatedness between strains by genetic methods

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing, Sequencing of virulence genes

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E. coli collection from host species and the environment

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E. coli strains collected from host species diagnosed with the diseases listed