Electron Microscopy

Adeno Virus EM

In order to provide an accurate and timely identification of enteric viruses, provide fresh feces collected within 24 hours prior to submission.  Keep samples refrigerated and ship with ice packs.

Thin sectioning of tissue samples may be performed by prior arrangement.

*Additional fees may apply, please click Here for more information.
**If specimen request requires immunohistochemistry analyses, tissue or specimen should be fixed in a buffered 2.0% paraformaldehyde solution. These solutions are available on request from the electron microscopy section.
***If shipping to PSU, do not use the US Postal Service


Procedure Tissue/
Container Shipping*** Turn-Around Remarks
Negative Staining Ileum contents, feces, (10 ml) secretions, vesicular fluids, lesions or lesion scrapings, fresh tissues. (Formalin fixed tissues are not suitable for this test). Leak-proof container Sample can be frozen, ship overnight on ice 2-7 days

Test is set up M and Th at PSU or by prior arrangement.

Thin Sectioning -Tissue should be fixed with fresh 2.5% glutaraldehyde in 0.1M phosphate or cacodylate buffer** Leak-proof container Overnight on ice, do not freeze 10-21 days Examination of tissues is done M-Th at PSU or by prior arrangement.
-H&E stained tissue on a light microscope slide.
Slide mailer Slide(s) and paraffin embedded tissue block sent via surface carrier, standard delivery. 14 days paraffin embedded tissue Buffered glutaraldehyde is available through PSU.
Formalin fixed tissue can be used, however, ultrastructural morphology of tissue is poor.