Reflective Questions: Not Just How Much—How Much, How Often

Directions: Answer the following questions and post your responses within your class’s online collaborative tool for all of your classmates to review.
Answer the following questions on your online collaborative tool.
  1. You completed the worksheet “Not Just How Much—How Much, How Often.” Please answer the following questions:
    1. What insights did you gain about how identical daily doses can lead to very different effects?
    2. Are "natural" sources better than supplements? Why or why not?

  2. You have already exploited an experimental system (seeds, petri dishes, and salt solutions) to design an experiment that measures an acute response to salt in plants. Since then, you have learned a number of extensions and refinements to the concepts of dose and response, and median lethal dose (or, in this case, median germination failure concentration).
    1. What other experimental designs could you propose? For example, to measure the chronic effects of salt on plants? Or the effects of different kinds of contaminants?

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