Sharing Suggestions for Dose/Response Curves

Sharing your dose/response curves is intended to be fun and provide you with an opportunity to use your own creativity with the resources you have available. We want you to be able to make your dose/response curve and provide comments or answers to guiding questions.

Listed below are suggestions, but you are not limited to these and in fact, your teacher may have specific guidelines for you.

    1. Use software you have access to that will provide you with the capability to
        publish your work to a file that can be uploaded to your online collaborative tool.

    2. The Scatter Plot feature in Google Spreadsheets provides you with the ability to
        create your dose/response curve, save the image, and share it through your
        online collaborative tool.

    3. Draw your dose/response curve on a piece of paper then take a picture of it or
        scan it, and post it with your written comments within your online collaborative

    4. If you like using video, record yourself and your dose/response curve as you
        provide explanation and comments. Keep in mind many phones and computers
        have video cameras that make it easy to record. Don’t forget to upload your file
        for your classmates to view.