Potential Career Paths

The Immunology and Infectious Disease major can provide excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers; or preparation for medical school, veterinary school, or graduate programs in any area of the biomedical sciences.

The direct relevance of the coursework to human health strongly attracts students interested in medicine and related fields.

Concern over bioweapons and emerging infectious diseases means high demand for specialists. Our major in Immunology and Infectious Disease is one of only a handful of such programs in the United States.

Graduates distinguish themselves with focused courses in immunology and epidemiology while retaining the freedom to choose from a wide variety of courses in biomedicine and biotechnology.

Prepare for further education:

  • graduate school in all biomedical fields
  • medical school
  • veterinary school

Prepare for a wide variety of careers, including:

  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • the biomedical industry
  • government laboratories
  • academic research and education
  • private research organizations

Thanks to the extra specialization students can obtain in immunology and epidemiology, there are plentiful employment opportunities for graduates after four years. Some of these opportunities include research positions in biotechnology or pharmaceutical firms, in government or international health agencies, and academic research laboratories.

Students should recognize, however, that professional advancement in research-oriented careers is less realistic without an advanced degree. Many students choose to get experience for a few years in entry-level positions, and then return to master's and/or doctoral studies.