Dr. Eric Harvill Named Distinguished Professor

Posted: January 21, 2015

Dr. Eric Harvill, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (VBS) faculty member, received the title of Distinguished Professor for his exceptional record of research, teaching, and service to the University.
Dr. Harvill has been a faculty member at Penn State since 1999.

Dr. Harvill has been a faculty member at Penn State since 1999.

The academic title of “Distinguished Professor” recently was awarded to Dr. Eric Harvill, Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Disease. He joins fellow VBS faculty members Dr. Margherita Cantorna and Dr. Jeff Peters, who also hold this title.

Dr. Harvill's research program is focused on uncovering how host pathogen dynamics affect the spread of respiratory infection within individuals and across host populations. His research has gained world-wide recognition, resulting in two international distinguished fellowships, participation on several US science funding review panels, many published journal articles, and consistent funding for his research.

His enthusiastic devotion to teaching and advising have provided science with more than 30 highly-trained, recognized researchers over the years. Dr. Harvill also values his role in service and leadership at Penn State. He has served on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the Advisory Committee to the Dean, and maintains membership in Penn State's Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics and the Center for Molecular Immunology and Infectious Disease.

Dr. Harvill has served outside of the University by working on various federal science policy committees. He has been a Visiting Professor at Cambridge University, a Distinguished Visiting Professor in Queens' College, and was given the Perkin-Elmer Distinguished Visiting Faculty award. Currently, he dedicates time as a Visiting Professor at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine in the Nanyang Technological University.

Dr. Harvill explains, "I feel very lucky to get to do what I love and I hope to make a positive impact in the process, but that can be difficult to see on a daily basis. Being recognized in this way is particularly gratifying and validating. It is a great honor."