Virus particle formation influenced by host factors.

Posted: December 8, 2010

Researchers in Tony Schmitt's lab have identified two novel virus-host protein interactions that have opposing effects on assembly and release of paramyxoviruses, including PIV5 and mumps virus. One host protein, 14-3-3, was shown to bind viral M proteins and inhibit particle formation, while the other, AmotL1, binds to M protein and enhances particle formation. In the case of AmotL1, the binding interface was exploited as a target for disabling the virus, providing a proof-of-principal that M protein binding interfaces can be targeted for antiviral drug design.

Pei, Z., Harrison, M.S., and Schmitt, A.P.  PIV5 M protein interaction with host protein 14-3-3 negatively affects virus particle formation.  J. Virol., in press.

Pei, Z., Bai, Y., and Schmitt, A.P. (2010).  PIV5 M protein interaction with host protein angiomotin-like 1.  Virology 397, 155-166.