Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Camp

Penn State hosts an annual summer camp for 11th and 12th grade students interested in veterinary and biomedical sciences. This year's camp is scheduled to take place June 24-29, 2018. 2018 Summer camp is FULL.

Camp Description

  • Learn more about the veterinary and biomedical professions through laboratory exercises, lectures, and a tour of a local veterinary practice.
  • Biomedical sciences are multidisciplinary fields providing an understanding of the scientific basis of animal and human health and diseases, infection and immunity, mechanisms of drug actions, and environmental toxicants.
  • Spend time in state-of-the-art laboratories guided by veterinary and biomedical sciences department faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students.
  • Student participants will have an opportunity to interact with veterinarians, immunologists, and toxicologists.

Typical Program Content:

Possible hands-on laboratories, Lectures, and Field Trips are a blend of new and past year’s labs which are subjected to change for the upcoming camp in 2018.

Hands-on Labs:

  • Surgical Suturing Lab
  • Microbiology Lab: antibiotic resistance
  • "Cow Sense", Calving Positions
  • Parasitology Lab
  • Imaging, Ultrasound, and X-Ray lab
  • Avian Anatomy Lab
  • "Puppy Wellness Check"
  • Immunology Lab
  • Equine Health and Management Lab


  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • "If there is no animal research, there is no cure"
  • Student Panel
  • "Why is agriculture so important?"

Field Trips

  • Centre Wildlife Care
  • Metzger’s Animal Hospital
  • Penn's Cave Wild Animal Park
  • Deer Research Pens at University Park

Admission Information

  • Admissions counselor explains the application process for PSU!
  • Majors Information
    • Veterinary and Biomedical Science
    • Toxicology
    • Immunology and Infectious Disease
  • Schreyer's Honors College Information

Registration Information:

Who is eligible? High school students who are in the 11th and 12th grade in the fall of 2018.


Contact Information


Karen Brown