Veterinary Extension

Researchers at Penn State, other Land Grant Universities, and the Agricultural Research Service generate information that can be used to solve important problems related to food, health and the environment.

The goal of our extension program is to critically evaluate and translate this information into a form that can be used by Pennsylvanians to improve their businesses and their lives.

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Veterinary Science Extension Expertise and Programs

Animal Diseases
Every year, issues like Johne's disease, hoof health, and mastitis cost producers millions of dollars.
Animal Health
Assistance for producers, veterinarians, 4-H groups, and other professionals to improve animal health and well-being.
Farm Biosecurity
A series of management practices designed to minimize or prevent the importation of infectious agents onto a farm.
Llamas and Alpacas
Camelids are even-toed ungulates belonging to the family camelidae, and unlike true ruminant animals of the family ruminantia, they only have three stomach compartments instead of four.
A "metabolic profile" is defined as a series of specific analytical tests run in combination and used as a herd-based rather than individual-based, diagnostic aid.