Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Research Areas

Animal Diagnostics
The Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (ADL) fulfills its mission by providing in depth, rapid diagnostic information to support disease control, health management and performance of livestock, poultry, wildlife and fish, and by ensuring the safety of foods of animal origin.
Immunology and Infectious Disease
Our Immunology and Infectious Disease faculty specialize in cancer immunology, immune-mediated diseases, infectious disease pathology, infectious disease dynamics, as well as viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogenesis.
Molecular Toxicology and Carcinogenesis
Faculty in the Molecular Toxicology are researching a wide range of chemicals and conditions, including dioxins, tobacco, pesticides, breast cancer and neurological disorders.
Veterinary Extension
The Veterinary Extension Faculty are active in applied and translational research, investigating various aspects of animal disease prevention and pre-harvest food safety. Many of the projects are collaborative efforts with faculty from other Penn State departments, faculty from other institutions, or personnel from other agricultural organizations.