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Dr. Jeffrey Peters Receives the George H. Scott Award
July 13, 2018
George H. Scott, a Procter & Gamble scientist, who gained worldwide respect for his tireless efforts and contributions in the fields of human and environmental toxicology is remembered through an annual award established by The Toxicology Forum in 1983. His unfailing support of The Forum in its early days played a major role in its success. The award is given to those who have demonstrated an outstanding role in developing and applying the science of toxicology, and honors the memory of George H. Scott. Dr. Peters with over 20 years as an academic researcher has numerous contributions to the science of toxicology, along with the selfless service, education, and mentoring that continues to advance not only the science, but the people that help increase the impact and utilization of toxicology. Best known for his studies in the field of PPAR-medicated mechanisms and carcinogenesis, Dr. Peters’ studies have demonstrated that PPAR is required to mediate the physiological and hepatocarcinogenic effects of PPAR agonists in rodents. Dr. Peters’ leadership, teaching, and mentorship at Penn State University, along with his high-impact publication record and volunteer service in the toxicology community, made him a deserving recipient of the George H. Scott Memorial Award.
EIC Awards Total to Over $1 Million
June 27, 2018
AMES, Iowa — The Egg Industry Center at Iowa State University has awarded three new research grants totaling $212,918, bringing its total for egg research funding to more than $1 million since 2013. The latest recipients of Egg Industry Center grants are: • Pennsylvania State University, for a $89,917 grant on research into the infectiveness, transmission and response to disinfectant treatment of three emerging strains of disease-causing avian reovirus, led by Dr. Huaguang Lu, clinical professor and avian virologist. • Mississippi State University, for a $85,605 study on the use of robots for the collection of floor eggs in open-housing systems and the effect of the robot’s presence on behavior of birds, led by Yang Zhao, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering. • Iowa State University, for a $37,396 grant on research examining how different housing systems affect gastrointestinal bacterial communities and overall bird health, led by Dawn Koltes, adjunct assistant professor of animal science.
Students in VBS Received Prestigious Awards
April 30, 2018
Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences showcased their research by presenting posters in the annual competition sponsored by Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture.
Attention Veterinary Practitioners
April 6, 2018
The Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (PADLS-PSU), invite you and the veterinarians in your practice to attend our annual Veterinary Practitioner’s Meeting.