Eva Wallner-Pendleton, DVM, MS, ACPV

Eva Wallner-Pendleton, DVM, MS, ACPV

  • Senior Research Associate
  • Associate Clinical Professor, Avian Pathologist and Field Investigator
Animal Diagnostic Lab
Wiley Lane

University Park, PA 16802

Areas of Expertise

  • Biosecurity and disease prevention in backyard and small commercial Flocks
  • Poultry diseases and management interactions
  • Avian toxicology
  • Diseases of game birds,pigeons, exotic and pet birds
  • Poultry Handling and Transportation Animal Welfare


  • D.V.M, University of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest, Hungary-1979
  • Residency in Avian Medicine, U.C. Davis, Davis California 1980-82
  • M.S.-Veterinary Microbiology, Oregon State University, 1986.
  • Diplomate, American College of Poultry Veterinarians, 1992


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