Mary J. Kennett, DVM, Ph.D., Diplomate ACLAM

Mary J. Kennett, DVM, Ph.D., Diplomate ACLAM

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Director, Animal Resource Program
101 Centralized Biological Lab
University Park, PA 16802

Areas of Expertise

  • comparative medicine
  • animal models
  • infectious disease and biocontainment
  • rodent pathology
  • animal behavior
  • laboratory animal resource management
  • veterinary medicine


  • Residency Training, Comparative Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • PhD, Pathobiology, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • MS, Biology, Walla Walla College
  • DVM, Washington State University
  • BS, Veterinary Science, Washington State University

Graduate Programs


My primary research interest is the pathogenesis of infectious disease; most specifically, virulence factors involved in initial colonization of the host and mucosal immune responses. Current efforts are directed toward pathology, and the identification and characterization of virulence factors of Bordetella bronchiseptica , and B. pertussis. We are studying the host immune response to Bordetella infections in transgenic and immunocompromised mice in order to better understand the pathogenesis of respiratory infections and the specific immune responses that are effective in clearance of bacteria from the upper and lower respiratory tract.

In addition, my interests include laboratory animal resource management, comparative medicine, animal behavior and well being, and the preventative and clinical veterinary care of research animals.


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