CMIID Graduate & Postdoctoral Students

Prospective Graduate Students

Are you looking for a graduate program that allows you to work with CMIID researchers? The Pathobiology and  IID emphasis area in the Molecular Cellular and Integrative Biosciences (MCIBS) graduate programs are where you want to be! Check out the links to review program requirements and find application information.

Research under the Penn State CMIID umbrella is performed across a number of labs, buildings, and departments. Each lab features a team of graduate students and post-doctoral scholars who formulate hypotheses, perform research, and analyze data. These hard workers are our CMIID students.

The CMIID students meet bi-weekly to keep each other abreast of new trends in research, and to support each other by sharing ideas and inspiring novel approaches to tough issues. 

Meetings can feature lab presentations, which provide students with the chance to practice public speaking skills. Special speakers may be scheduled to address questions such as: Where can my research take me after I graduate from Penn State?; What are grant reviewers looking for in a proposal?; or How do I present my research to non-scientists?.

The CMIID student-run blog provides information about materials available and techniques performed by individual labs, as well as additional resources for students and post-doctoral fellows. 

For more information about the CMIID student group, please contact Lindsay Snyder at For details on upcoming meetings, visit the bi-weekly meeting page

The CMIID graduate students and postdoctoral scholars generally meet every other Wednesday, from 4-5 p.m. in W201 Millennium Science Complex (MSC). Schedule is subject to change.