Posted: September 12, 2017

The Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department welcomes Dr. Adrian A. Barragan to the faculty as an Extension Veterinarian and Research Associate.

Dr. Barragan is a native of Algarrobo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He completed his DVM in 2010 at the University of La Plata in Argentina, and after graduation practiced as a beef cattle veterinarian on feedlot facilities in Argentina. He then moved to Colorado, where he spent a year working as a veterinarian and researcher on a large organic dairy farm. Dr. Barragan then pursued graduate training at The Ohio State University, obtaining his Master's and PhD degrees. In his spare time, Dr. Barragan enjoys spending time with his wife and their horses, fly fishing, and being outdoors.

As a member of the Veterinary Extension and Research Team, Dr. Barragan will serve the agricultural community & consumers by improving animal health and well-being, farm profitability, public health, as well as food safety and quality. In addition to integrated extension and applied research activities, he will conduct field investigations to help Pennsylvania's livestock producers and veterinarians troubleshoot animal health problems.

His research interests include developing new technologies to improve farm record-keeping systems, assessment of methods to accurately identify animals in pain, evaluation of pain management strategies, and identification of treatment strategies to improve reproductive performance in dairy cows with common reproductive tract anomalies such as endometritis and repeat breeder syndrome.