Posted: August 4, 2022

This award was made possible by a generous gift from Dr. Hiram Lasher in honor of Dr. C. A. Bottorff. Dr. Bottorff had an illustrious career as a poultry industry veterinarian with Lederle Laboratories and was actively involved in the early development of the AAAP. He served as vice president in 1965-66 and president in 1966-67. The first award was given in 1988. The C.A. Bottorff Award is given to recognize an avian diagnostician/technical service veterinarian who has contributed significantly to the poultry health program in North America in the past 10 years.

Dr. Hiram N. Lasher, was born in 1920 in Sunrise Farm, Catskill, NY; D.V.M., 1942, Cornell. Taking the advice of his mentor, Dr. C. A. Bottorff, to gain field experience, Dr. Lasher devoted the first part of his career to eradication of pullorum disease in New York and to diagnostics on Delmarva. He then established three successful poultry vaccine enterprises over the ensuing four decades – DPL/Sterwin Laboratories, ICB/Intervet and Lasher Associates, Inc., developing numerous innovative vaccines in the process. In addition, he co-founded the first specific-pathogen-free egg production facility and helped guide federal policy-making in regulation of vaccines. Internationally, Dr. Lasher is known as a pioneer in poultry biologics and a consultant in vaccine technology transfer.