Core Module 6: Reproductive Management Program

The next module of the Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program hosted by Penn State Veterinary Extension & Research will be held in State College, Pennsylvania from 9:00AM Thursday October 12 through noon on Saturday, October 14, 2017. This module is an elective module for the registered DPM participants and is open to veterinarians not enrolled in the DPM program.

"Core 6" Module Description:

The intent of the program is to revisit current research in our understanding of the estrous cycle and its manipulation as well as corpus luteum development and maintenance in support of pregnancy. Various methods and applications of pregnancy diagnosis will be detailed. This information will be translated into methods, limitations and interpretation of monitoring reproductive performance via herd records.

Presenters for this program include Penn State faculty Drs. Troy Ott (estrous cycle physiology), Joy Pate (CL physiology), Chad Dechow (records, culling, genetic assessments) and Adrian Barragan (pregnancy diagnostics). Dr. Julio Giordano from Cornell University will address estrus synchronization and managing anovulatory cows. Dr. Chad Dechow and Dan Smith (Dairy One) will provide the in-depth review of the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of reproductive records and their interpretation.

The half-day program on Saturday will provide practical applications of systematic reproductive herd diagnostic methods using real data from our demonstration dairy herd. If you want to refresh and advance your understanding of dairy herd reproductive management then this program will be worth your time.

Attendance at the complete module will count for between 15 and 19 hours of approved Veterinary CE depending upon the final topical agenda.

Previous DPM alums are offered a reduced registration fee for the program. Please see for additional details. 

Questions pertaining to registration for the module can be directed to Louise Byler ( or 814-863-2160).

For more information regarding the content of the module, please contact Bob Van Saun ( ).