The schedule for the Dairy Production Medicine VII Certificate Program included core modules and elective modules. The following provides an example of the topics offered during the recently completed DPM program.

Individuals not enrolled in the certificate program can register for individual core or elective modules, space permitting.

Core Modules

- Participation in all core modules was required to successfully complete the DPM VII Certificate Program. (Exceptions made for extenuating circumstances.)

Module Topics
Core 1 On Farm Problem-Solving, Leadership, and Pre-Weaned Calf Health.
Core 2 Understanding Forages, Feed Analysis and Feeding the Rumen; Ration software.
Core 3

Mastitis and Milk Quality - Udder Health I.

Core 4 Approaches to Transition and Lactation Diets, Troubleshooting Rations and Feeding Programs; Dietary Evaluations.
Core 5 Lameness, Animal Well-Being, Cow Comfort and Evaluation of the Housing Environment.
Core 6 Reproductive Strategies, Synchronization Systems; Records Analysis, and Culling Decisions.

Core 7

Successful Implementation of Herd Health Programs, Emerging Animal Well-being Issues, Healthy Herds are Smart Money Decisions.

Elective Modules

- Participation in a minimum of 3 elective modules was required to successfully complete the DPM VII Certificate Program

Module Topics
Elective A Protocols, Disease Control Programs, Evidence Based Medicine, and EPI Introduction
Elective B Evaluation of Milking Equipment, Milkers, & Milking Procedures/Performance. Troubleshooting Milk Quality and System Cleaning Problems.
Elective D Neonatal Calf Feeding, Development & Health; Heifer Feeding Programs and Their Evaluation.
Elective F Immunology, Vaccine Strategies, On-Farm Clinical Trials/Epidemiology and Genetics.
Elective E Advanced Reproductive Techniques, Evaluating Reproductive Performance, Animal Environments for All Seasons.
Elective G Mixed Large Animal Health and Nutrition Programs, On-Farm Food Safety, Raw Milk, and Meat Quality.
Elective C Effective Use of Pastures and Grazing, (Including Beef and Small Ruminants), Improved Parasite Control Strategies.