The Dairy Production Medicine (DPM) Certificate Program is a two-and-a-half year course enabling veterinarians to gain skills and knowledge to help them increase the health and productivity of their clients' herds, as well as increase the value of their consulting services. DPM VII completed in August 2018, and version VIII is now in the planning stages. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this valuable training opportunity!!

Continuing Education for Dairy Practitioners in the 21st Century

DPM includes instruction for a wide variety of cutting-edge dairy practice innovations, hands-on farm problem solving, and the latest in dairy production analysis. Penn State Veterinary Extension faculty partner with nationally-recognized faculty, researchers, and practitioners to deliver challenging, up-to-date, practical modules. The recently completed DPM VII program offered a total of fourteen 3-day "modules."

The DPM Structure

DPM VII presented new options with more topic flexibility than the traditional DPM programs previously offered. The 10 select CORE modules were geared toward critical farm enterprises controlling profitability where the dairy practitioner can actively engage in new services.

In addition, we offered ELECTIVE modules that focused on animal wellbeing, disease control and therapeutics, advanced topics in reproduction and nutrition, milking system evaluation, and management of livestock other than dairy cattle. Elective modules allow the individual to focus more on a specific enterprise area of the farm, or diversify into new areas.

Enrollment Options

DPM Certificate Program

Practitioners are encouraged to enroll in at least 10 modules (7 core + 3 specialization modules) in order to obtain a certificate. A discounted rate is available for individuals selecting this option, and they will have enrollment preference. A veterinary practice may also enroll in 10 or more modules at the discounted rate, so that different members of the practice can attend different modules.

Individual Modules

Practitioners who do not want to commit to at least 10 modules may choose as many individual core or elective modules as they desire, space permitting.

DPM Alumni

Alumni of previous DPM Courses at Penn State are invited to participate in any core or elective modules at a reduced cost.

CE credits

Approved veterinary continuing education credits will be given for each module; generally between 15-20 hours per module.

Official registration for DPM VIII is not currently open, but individuals are encouraged to indicate their interest so that we can provide registration materials when they become available.

For more information, please contact:

Ernest Hovingh
126 Central Milk Testing Lab
University Park, PA 16802


DPM VII Modules

The schedule for the Dairy Production Medicine VII Certificate Program included core modules and elective modules. The following provides an example of the topics offered during the recently completed DPM program.

History of Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program

The Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program was established as an answer to two surveys of food animal veterinarians that were conducted 1988 and 1989.

Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program (DPM) Graduates

Graduates of the Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program.

Contact Information

For more information regarding the Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program, please contact: