Elective Module C: Mixed Large Animal Health and Nutrition

The next module of the Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program hosted by Penn State Veterinary Extension & Research will be held in State College, Pennsylvania from 9:00AM Thursday May 17 through noon on Saturday, May 19, 2018. This module is an elective module for the registered DPM participants and is open to veterinarians not enrolled in the DPM program.

"Elective C" Topic:  Pasture and Grazing Nutrition and Health Across Species

Module Description:

With interest in increasing use of pasture and economic challenges facing the dairy industry, this module will explore nutrition and health veterinary service opportunities not only in dairy cattle but also small ruminants and beef cattle. Key topics that will be addressed during the module will include pasture assessment, critical nutritional interventions for disease prevention, parasite control programs and basics of dietary management on pasture with mineral supplements.

The 2.5-day program will provide 18.5 hours of Continuing Education credits. There are a limited number of registrations for veterinarians interested in the program and not currently enrolled in the DPM program.

Previous DPM alums are offered a reduced registration fee for the program. Please see for additional details. 

Questions pertaining to registration for the module can be directed to Louise Byler ( or 814-863-2160).

For more information regarding the content of the module, please contact Robert Van Saun (