Petra (Peko) Tsuji - Townson University

Talk Title: "Influence of Micronutrient Selenium On Gut Microbiome and Colon Cancer"

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March 21, 2018, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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My laboratory investigates the molecular mechanisms of dietary compounds as preventive strategies against human diseases, especially cancer and inflammation. In particular, the micronutrient selenium and the proteins in which selenium is incorporated are a major focus in our lab. Additional interests include human gene polymorphisms that have been linked to variable cancer incidence and thus may be viable molecular targets for therapy or prevention. These genes, among others, may be responsible for the individual responses to dietary compounds. Other projects investigate the effects of diet on the composition of the intestinal microbiome of mammals. Current projects include the effects of selenium in inflammatory colitis, the role of the 15kDa selenoprotein in colon tumorigenesis, and the effects of dietary changes on the gut microbiome. Biological models utilized include, but are not limited to, in vitro (human and mouse cells, tissue samples) and in vivo (mouse) models.

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