Posted: October 29, 2020

Dr. Adrian Barragan, Assistant Research Professor, in collaboration with members of Ohio State University's Dairy Extension program recently published a new article in the Journal of Dairy Science. Dr. Barragan, who developed long-lasting relationship with professors and mentors such Dr. Schuenemann, the lead author of this article, and Dr. Bas of Ohio State, continue to be a great resource for collaborative research. Their study highlights the data collected from pregnant dairy cows fitted with electronic 'fitbits' to study the amount of nonesterified fatty acids and the association with stillbirth in prepartum dairy cows. This work, along with other recent collaborations, is an effort to assist dairy farmers with the pre and postpartum health of dairy cows.

Contact Information

Adrian A. Barragan, DVM, MS, PhD
  • Associate Research Professor