Authors: Katy M. Olsavsky, Jeanine L. Page, Mary C. Johnson, Helmut Zarbl, Stephen C. Strom, Curtis J. Omiecinski

Publication: Gene expression profiling and differentiation assessment in primary human hepatocyte cultures, established hepatoma cell lines, and human liver tissues. Toxicol Appl Pharmacology. 2008 Sep 1;231(2):216-24.

Array: Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0





Liver Replicate A 212520084.CEL
Liver Replicate B 213411357.CEL
Liver Replicate C 213411358.CEL
HepG2 213411359.CEL 213411360.CEL
HUH7 213411363.CEL 213411364.CEL
Donor A HH-A 212520017.CEL 212520018.CEL
Donor B HH-B 212520021.CEL 212520022.CEL
Donor C HH-C 212520025.CEL 212520026.CEL
Donor D HH-D 212520030.CEL 212520032.CEL
Donor E HH-E 212520039.CEL 212520040.CEL
Donor F HH-F 212520045.CEL 212520046.CEL
Donor G HH-G 212520055.CEL 212520050.CEL
Donor H HH-H 212520059.CEL 212520063.CEL
Donor I HH-I 212520069.CEL 212520075.CEL
Donor J HH-J 212520080.CEL 212520081.CEL