The Center for Nutrigenomics (CEN) offers a variety of molecular techniques to enhance the data retrieved from clinical nutrition trials. Additionally, the CEN's staff can assist and train your personnel in basic and advanced nutritional studies including cell culture, gene expression, microarray and polymorphism analysis.

The CEN has been performing service and support research for over four years. There are two ways that we can help you in your nutritional research endeavors.

Services Available

Gene Expression.

Quantitative real-­‐time PCR is used to examine the effects of nutrients or bioactive molecules on gene expression. High density microarrays are used to comprehensively examine the transcripts altered by intervention. Both types of studies may be performed on clinical samples or from cells treated in culture with extracts or serum (ex vivo).

Transcription factor profiling.

Many bioactive molecules found in foods have their beneficial effects by interacting with specific transcript factors (i.e. "nutriable targets"). Important nuclear receptors are activated by dietary fatty acids, flavonoids and 2 polyphenols. The CEN specializes in high-­throughput screening of various targets to address mechanism of action and active molecule discovery.

Genotyping and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP).

DNA is extracted from blood or buccal swabs and SNPs known to be involved in Metabolic Syndrome susceptibility examined by TaqMan or high resolution melting analysis.


We would be happy to discuss your needs for phenotypic, biochemical or molecular endpoint analysis


There are two ways that we can help you in your nutritional research endeavors:

Subcontract within extramural grant.

This is most common way that the CEN has interfaced with PSU community. A portion of the research that will be performed at the CEN is written as a separate supply line. We will assist in the development of the project, provide detailed methodology and interpretation verbiage for the proposal. Please see the Success Stories link to learn more about how the CEN services have been used. The goal of this research is to help train graduate students and post-docs, create interdisciplinary publications and enhance the probability of future extramural applications.

Pay per use.

A plan of study will be developed in direct communication between the CEN and the client. The CEN will work with the University's Grants and Contract Office to develop an appropriate budget. Following approval by all parties, the work will commence. Depending on the complexity of the project, within 4-­‐6 weeks a report is generated that details the results of the experiments. This is a great way to quickly generate preliminary data for your next grant. Go to the "contact us" page, fill out the form outlining your studies and we will get back to you ASAP.