Goal: To expose undergraduates to basic science research.

For this class, you will be assisting in the Cantorna laboratory with maintenance and experiments. At the beginning of the semester, you will be required to post your class schedule and the times you plan to be working in the lab. A weekly lab meeting will be established that will attempt to accommodate all schedules. You will be required to attend these meetings and make at least one presentation during the semester. A minimum of five hours per week of undergraduate lab time is required. This does not include the one hour lab meeting. Therefore, the minimum time commitment is five hours of work + one hour of lab meeting, for a total of six hours per week. This would earn you 1.5 credits. For every three hours per week in the lab, you can earn one credit.

If you will be absent or late to lab, you need to notify the lab manager, Veronika Weaver (vcw100@psu.edu), or Dr. Cantorna (mxc69@psu.edu) before you miss your scheduled time. Failure to notify us of an unexpected absence is grounds for immediate dismissal. Sometimes you may be asked to come in to help with an experiment on a weekend or during regularly unscheduled time. This time will be counted as part of your work hours. We do not keep track of your time; that is your responsibility. If you are absent, you are expected to make up the time. Likewise, please notify Veronika if you have worked extra hours and would like to adjust your schedule.

A laboratory is a multifaceted and co-dependent environment. A small mistake can have long-reaching, unforeseen impacts. Do not hesitate to ask questions or confirm procedures if you are unsure. We would rather you take your time and do the task correctly, rather than rush through and forget an important step. Everybody will be asked to assist with maintenance procedures. However, if you are interested in more research experience, please let us know and we will train you in more involved procedures.

Your grade will reflect the quality of your work, attitude and presentation.

Dr. Cantorna will assign your grade in consultation with Veronika.

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