Traveling to scientific meetings is an important part of professional development. Students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible.

The Cantorna lab will attempt to reimburse the cost of attending meetings for trainees who have an accepted abstract.

Student responsibilities

  1. In order for travel to be covered, you need to submit a budget request that details projected expenses.
  2. You also will need to identify other resources that could cover some or all of your travel costs (e.g., University, department or training grants, travel awards, etc.) and show evidence of having applied for them. If a travel award has been assigned to help defray costs of travel, then students must not ask for grant funds to defray costs that will be covered by the travel award.
  3. You are expected to share hotel rooms with other students within or outside of your lab. Individuals who prefer their own rooms will need to pay for the extra cost they incur.
  4. Travel as economically as possible, i.e. carpooling, buses and/or plane travel should be coordinated with others in the lab and other labs on campus. Individuals who prefer travelling by other, more expensive means will have to pay the difference in costs.
  5. Baggage fees will NOT be reimbursed.
  6. In general, you will NOT be allowed to claim per diem expenses for meals. If costs of food are high, keep your itemized receipts to justify possible claims.
  7. Shortly after you submit your budget and other resource identification, you will receive notice explaining how much of the costs will be covered by grant funds.
  8. After your travel is complete, submit your travel forms to Dr. Cantorna for approval before turning them into the VBS office for reimbursement processing.

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