When shipping samples to the lab, please note any shortened hours and days of closure listed on the Animal Diagnostic Laboratory home page.

Samples should be shipped overnight (UPS or Fed-Ex are recommended) and care should be taken to ensure that samples arrive to the lab during business hours. During holiday break, packages shipped via the USPS may be delayed due to the closure of Penn State mailing services.

Please call with any questions 814-863-0837 or email adlhelp@psu.edu.

A vast array of services and diagnostic tests are performed by our various laboratory units. Each of the three PADLS laboratories offers a specific set of services. Faster turnaround times can be achieved by shipping samples to the laboratory that performs the service desired.  Please check the PADLS User Guide to determine which of the three laboratories performs the assay desired and ship accordingly.

We do not do water analysis here at the Animal Diagnostic Lab but that service is available from Penn State's Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory.

Animal Diagnostic Laboratory


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Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. After-hours submission available daily.