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Mammalian Necropsy Services Update

Dear ADL clients and veterinary colleagues,

On May 15th, Dr. Erin Luley will be leaving ADL to assume the role of Assistant State Veterinarian for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Until we are able to fill Dr. Luley's position and another open position, ADL will have limited mammalian necropsy services. We ask for your cooperation and understanding as we implement the following changes:

  • Effective immediately, ADL will have limited capacity to accept mammalian necropsy cases. Please call ADL at 814-863-0837 prior to submitting a case. Clients are encouraged to utilize the two other PADLS facilities (the Pennsylvania Veterinary Lab in Harrisburg or the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square PA) for whole animal submissions when possible.
  • Please be advised that turn-around time for mammalian necropsy cases may be delayed.
  • Veterinarians are encouraged to submit cases as field necropsies when appropriate. Please provide a thorough history and see the PADLS website for submission guidelines.
  • ADL will not be accepting out of state submissions or companion animals for necropsy, effectively immediately.
  • (see home page for more information)

Please note any shortened hours and days of closure listed on the homepage when shipping samples to the lab. Samples should be shipped overnight (UPS or Fed-Ex are recommended) and care should be taken to ensure that samples arrive to the lab during business hours. The USPS does not deliver to the Animal Diagnostic Lab which causes a delay in delivery. Please call with any questions 814-863-0837 or email

ADL accepts specimens of agricultural animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, deer, camelids, poultry, game birds, fish from contracted farming facilities, and zoo animals for testing. Companion animals including dogs and cats are also accepted for necropsy (see special instructions below*).  Pet fish, amphibians, reptiles, and non-human primates are not accepted for necropsy at ADL.

Wild animal submissions must be arranged through the Pennsylvania Game Commission with the exception of animals submitted for rabies testing. Rabies suspects from all species will be accepted. No live animals will be accepted without prior approval. Specimens may be submitted on evenings or weekends in our walk-in cooler by completing the form located on our loading dock.

The Animal Diagnostic Laboratory strongly encourages the involvement of a local veterinarian with all submissions. This professional has expertise in the selecting, preparing and shipping of proper specimens and is able to assist with the implementation of any recommendations made. Local veterinarians are also in the best position to recommend and administer treatment and preventive measures should this be necessary.

The quality and appropriateness of samples submitted has a significant effect on the quality of the test results obtained. Please see the PADLS User Guide for guidelines regarding sample selection and handling. Specimens accepted by the laboratory for testing cannot be returned.

ADL reserves the right to determine the suitability of a sample for providing meaningful results. ADL reserves the right to perform tests for any of the diseases regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on any specimen it receives. ADL also reserves the right to perform any testing on animals submitted for necropsy that the case coordinator deems necessary for obtaining a diagnosis if specific testing guidelines have not been provided by the submitter.

*All small animal (dogs or cats only) submissions must be submitted through a referring veterinarian and must have pre-approval before being delivered to the laboratory. The submission must be accompanied by a complete clinical history, a completed Mammalian Submission Form, and a Dog and Cat Necropsy Release Form signed by both the owner and referring veterinarian before the necropsy will be performed. All written and verbal communications will be conducted only through the referring veterinarian. The basic necropsy procedure will consist of gross and histologic examination only, and the fee must be received in advance by the laboratory via cash or credit card. Payment for additional analyses must also be received in advance. Cosmetic necropsies will not be performed and animal remains will not be returned (remains may be released directly to a crematorium at laboratory discretion). For pre-approval please call 814-863-0837 or email

We do not do water analysis here at the Animal Diagnostic Lab but that service is available here at Penn State University at Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory.

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