Available Serology Tests

  • Bovine leukosis virus (BLV) - ELISA
  • Bovine parainfluenza-3 – HI
  • Bovine prepurchase panel
  • Bovine reproductive panel (includes acute + convalescent)
  • Bovine respiratory panel (ea.) (includes acute + convalescent)
  • Bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) – SN
  • Brucella acidified plate (BAPA) Card agglutination
  • Equine rhinopneumonitis (EHV 1, 4) - SN
  • Neospora caninum – ELISA
  • Porcine parvovirus – HI

Properly performed serology requires appropriate amounts of uncontaminated serum.  Specimen collection technique and timely submission significantly impact the quality of the laboratory results.  

  1. Aseptically collect adequate amounts of blood for the number of tests requested.
  2. Collect blood in a clean, tightly sealed, leak-proof tube or container (red top tube or serum separator tube).
  3. Leave tubes in a horizontal position at ambient room temperature (not below freezing).
  4. Submit specimens as soon as possible.  Store specimens refrigerated if submission is delayed.
  5. Pack samples securely to prevent breakage.  Packages should contain ice packs if samples will be in transit more than 24 hours or during warmer months of the year. Use courier service whenever possible as the routine delays which occur in mailing can result in deterioration of sample quality.
  6. Fill out submission forms completely and legibly and submit with samples.  Be sure to indicate the tests to be performed as well as clinical history and purpose of test, (e.g. sale, diagnostic, etc.).  Number all specimens to match forms using consecutive numbers only.  Submissions should be signed by an accredited veterinarian.
  7. Whenever possible, send clear serum which has been aseptically transferred to a sterile red top serum tube.  We will accept clotted whole blood samples with the understanding that they may have to be reported as hemolyzed or non-testable if they arrive in poor condition.
  8. The test schedules are flexible.  In some instances, setup is based on demand with a minimum and maximum time shown.  Contact the serology section of the laboratory to which you are submitting specimens in advance when you need a group of animals tested within certain time constraints. Allow 1-2 days for transport of samples between PADLS laboratory locations.
  9. Acute serum specimens will be tested within the same run as convalescent specimens when submitted together.


Suresh V Kuchipudi, BVSc, MVSc, PhD, FHEA, PGCHE, Diplomate ACVM

  • Clinical Professor and Head of Microbiology Section
  • Associate Director, Animal Diagnostic Lab
    Email: skuchipudi@psu.edu
    Office: 814-863-4434


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