Mammalian Necropsy Services Update

Dear ADL clients and veterinary colleagues,

On May 15th, Dr. Erin Luley will be leaving ADL to assume the role of Assistant State Veterinarian for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Until we are able to fill Dr. Luley's position and another open position, ADL will have limited mammalian necropsy services. We ask for your cooperation and understanding as we implement the following changes:

  • Effective immediately, ADL will have limited capacity to accept mammalian necropsy cases. Please call ADL at 814-863-0837 prior to submitting a case. Clients are encouraged to utilize the two other PADLS facilities (the Pennsylvania Veterinary Lab in Harrisburg or the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square PA) for whole animal submissions when possible.
  • Please be advised that turn-around time for mammalian necropsy cases may be delayed.
  • Veterinarians are encouraged to submit cases as field necropsies when appropriate. Please provide a thorough history and see the PADLS website for submission guidelines.
  • ADL will not be accepting out of state submissions or companion animals for necropsy, effectively immediately.
  • (see home page for more information)

Necropsy Service

Clients may submit fresh, recently dead animals for post-mortem examination, including agricultural animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, deer, camelids, poultry, game birds, fish, and zoo animals. Dogs and cats may be submitted for necropsy (see special instructions). Other companion animals, and non-human primates are not currently accepted for necropsy at ADL. While the ADL is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays), deliveries of dead animals or samples may be made 24 hours a day on any day of the week (instructions are posted on our loading dock at the rear of the building). Live animals may be submitted only by prior arrangement and during working hours (euthanasia fees will apply). DO NOT leave live animals in the cooler nor on the loading dock. Carcasses should be chilled if possible; do not freeze. Referring veterinarians or clients are encouraged to notify the lab and consult with the pathologist before sending the carcass. A clinical history written by the referring veterinarian or herd/flock manager must accompany the submission. Insurance cases and cases with the potential for litigation must be identified as such and may incur additional fees. No portion of any animal may be returned after submission. Ancillary tests beyond the gross examination are at the discretion of the pathologist within the limits of the tier selected by the submitter. Turn-around time is approximately two weeks.

Field Necropsy/Diarrhea Panel Submissions

Fresh and formalin-fixed tissues from field necropsies may be submitted for evaluation. Unless specific tests are requested, test selection is at the discretion of the pathologist within the limits of the tier selected by the submitter. Turn-around time is approximately one to two weeks. Please follow the shipping guidelines when submitting samples. Field necropsy mailers are available for purchase through our laboratory.

Fresh fecal samples may be submitted for a complete panel of tests to determine the cause of diarrhea. Depending of the age and species of animal affected, this panel may include bacteriology, parasitology, and molecular biology.

Avian Pathology

Dr. Megan Lighty, Avian Pathologist
Office: 814-863-0837


Dr. Kayla Niel, Avian Diagnostic and Outreach Veterinarian
Office: 814-863-0837


Mammalian Pathology

Dr. Dane Rahoi
Office: 814-863-0837

Necropsy Technicians

Bill Weaver

Anna Marie Wise


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