During regular office hours, our friendly reception staff will assist you with filling out proper paperwork and can serve as a link between you, the submitter, and the pathologists and laboratory technicians, getting you the answers to the questions that you may have. 

After hours submissions can be delivered by driving to the rear of the building.  Please follow all posted signs and fill out paperwork completely.  All samples must be placed into the walk in cooler and paperwork should be placed into the secured metal lock box.  Be sure all samples and paperwork are identified with owner or submitter name to avoid any confusion.


Brandy Brown


Susan Rudy
Office: 814-863-0837



Our receiving staff are certified IATA shippers and are responsible for unpackaging and evaluating all samples that are shipped into the laboratory.  They assign each submission a unique case number so that the samples can be accurately tracked through the system.  Receiving staff then deliver samples to the appropriate laboratory section to be processed and tested.  They are also responsible for forwarding samples that require further testing to other PADLS laboratories as well as laboratories outside of the PADLS system. 

The receiving staff are responsible for entering all information contained on the submission form into the database so that your results can be delivered accurately and without delay. 

Section Supervisor

Dr. Megan Lighty, Avian Pathologist
Office: 814-863-0837


Kathryn J. Williams
Office: 814-863-4347


Becky Bomberger
Office:  814-863-4347


Animal Diagnostic Laboratory


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Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. After-hours submission available daily.