The Virology laboratory at the Animal Diagnostic Lab comprises BSL-2 plus facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The virology laboratory is a full-service laboratory that offers a range of assays including classical virological methods and molecular assays and testing for unknown viruses. The Mammalian virology section offers a range of assays for the detection of important viruses of farm animals and fish. The Avian virology section offers assays for detection of important poultry viruses. The virology laboratory offers special testing services for bull sales in Pennsylvania and export testing for cattle, please contact the laboratory for further details.

Tissues for virus isolation should be collected as aseptically as possible. Viral and chlamydial transport media are available upon request, from PADLS laboratories.

Note: Virus isolations may require several serial passages for amplification of replication and expression of viable and measurable virus in a specimen. Hence, certain virus isolations may require up to 28 days or longer. Identification of viral isolates is done using serologic or molecular techniques.

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