Tests Offered

  • Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE) - ELISA*
  • Avian influenza AGID serum
  • Avian influenza-AGID eggs
  • Avian HI
  • Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)-ELISA*
  • Infectious bursal disease (IBD) Gumboro-ELISA*
  • Mycoplasma–plate
  • Paramyxovirus Type 1 : Newcastle Disease (NDV) - ELISA*
  • Salmonella pullorum–plate

*All ELISAs are IDEXX brand


Avian serology testing requires appropriate amounts of uncontaminated, non-hemolyzed sera. Sample collection technique and timely submission significantly impact laboratory results. Poor quality sera may be reported as non-testable. The following outline is provided to assist poultry servicemen/veterinarians in proper blood collection/serum submission. Contact the laboratory for proper submission forms and blood collection tubes.

  1. Collect 2 to 3 ml of blood aseptically from wing vein.
  2. Transfer blood to a clean, dust-free tube (most blood tubes equal 5 ml.).
  3. Stopper or seal the tube with tape and place in a horizontal position for several hours, either in a 37 C incubator or in a warm place.
  4. Leave the samples in an upright position at room temperature or in the refrigerator overnight.
  5. Submit these samples to the laboratory as soon as possible, or pour the serum into a clean, sealed vial.
  6. Submit a minimum of 1.0 ml of serum when requesting multiple tests.
  7. Fill out the proper specimen submission form, include all requested information.
  8. If possible, the samples should be sent refrigerated, using an overnight courier service.
  9. Contact the laboratory to make special test arrangements for export or sale samples or when holidays interrupt the normal test schedule.
  10. The laboratory reserves the right to determine the suitability of a specimen for testing.

*If shipping to Penn State, do not use the US Postal Service

Section Supervisor

Dr. Megan Lighty
Office: 814-863-2007


Laboratory Technicians

Nate Webb

Tyler Lantiegne


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