The Field Investigation teams are an outreach arm of the Animal Health and Diagnostic Commission.

Field investigators serve as a bridge between PADLS and the producers, private practitioners, and other agricultural professionals we serve. Farm visits and consultations are available to help resolve problems of poultry, other agricultural animals, and wildlife on a reactive or proactive basis.

Reactive investigations are appropriate when:

  • local expertise desires supplementation,
  • the potential exists for serious human or animal disease, and/or
  • the disease process has the potential for serious regional or statewide economic consequences.

Proactive investigations are appropriate when:

  • research indicates the potential for disease is of sufficient economic or health risk,
  • a new or emerging disease process is suspected, and/or
  • investigation may be of interest to animal health researchers.

The field investigation units assist PADLS and the livestock industry in evaluating existing diagnostic methods and assessing the need for new or improved diagnostic modalities. They may be contacted by private practitioners, county extension personnel, producers, PADLS personnel, or through the office of the Animal Health and Diagnostic Commission.

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